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Our Region

Rich in exceptional terroir, the Gapeau Valley has quality cultures recognized by all. The famous fig of Solliès, flagship of our soil or the culture of the olive are only samples of the great diversity of our soil. To consume without moderation !!!


Ours villages

The Vallée du Gapeau consists of five very different villages. A clever mix combining the authenticity of the Provençal villages with Belgentier, the tradition of the hilltop villages with Solliès-Ville, the peacefulness of Solliès-Toucas and the modernity of la Farlede and Solliès-Pont, all be they tinted with a rich past. A short distance from the hustle and bustle of the hills, these little streets are waiting to be peacefully discovered !!!


Local traditions

The Vallée du Gapeau, country of traditions and authenticity, is full of ancestral traditions deeply rooted in our daily lives. Oil mills and museums are all witnesses to this rich past. Highly visible, during village festivals, Provencal folk groups also remind us of this heritage. A little back in time, it tells you !!!


Our destination

The charm of proximity, the calm on the edge of a wood and the beauty of green and refreshing countryside surround the Var tourist centres. People like coming to relax, to have afternoon naps, to walk anonymously, to treat themselves to the region’s produce, to enjoy the simple flavours that make you instantly happy.
Here’s what the Vallée du Gapeau is: A generous little cocktail to enjoy with the whole family!

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